27 noviembre 2015


Take some air with it, full your mouth, smell it, feel it... and now just let it go. Life is full of time, until we die, and lots of people go around our story, our little fary tale. Some people are born in suck places, other dont, other are into drugs and partying, others about thoughts and love, thats me i guess. And ive been into other places, other moods, other cultures, all of them have something good and something bad, but finally always im back to my place, because at the end, this is who I am, sweet girl who believes in the impossible and keep fighting for it having such bad days as passing 24 hours inside bed or 7 days inside her room, just creating shit that people will never know. Im not that cold person that someone believes I am, all that druggy and partyin crazy girl, or that one inside uni smilin every day, no problems, no troubles, all will be cool. Thats not me anymore. And yes, I am good acceptin myself but sometimes i would like to be other person, or go back to the past and dont do some shit I did. Anyway, here I am now, I have three tattoos and two of them I would like to remove or change, but all of them have an history and a name, places, cities, moments, persons... all over my skin for the rest of my life... If I have alzheimer i dont know what they could mean then... Nasty girl sometimes, naughty as hell as well, fatty or anorexic, psyco ans schyzo, smart and intelligent, jelaous or i dont give a shit... I have days basically, hours normally... Lets go to a restaurant and then out lets get drunk or high or both... thats love about, let me tell you that girl wants your dirty dick and you will ignore me honey! Yes, jez, we all know it, we all girls, crazy and damn woman, hormones, menstruation, pregnacy, carin... okay, I would rather prefer some shit inside my legs and I could be free and intelligent and go far and high because I am so intelectual that I just need beers and money. So yes its a friday night and Im inside my room like a good writer but not that good tho, my parents are talkin low and I just wish I had my own apartment with my own room, some candles, good smell and maybe some weed there... just to think and feeling more fcked that I am right now. im addicted to too many whings, but my first problem is love, knowledgement and then music... I love to learn new things because of loving someone new and gettin involve... that my way of growing up little by little and slowly killing myself, about my soul, none owns it, neither I do, it goes and comes as she, yea SHE feels...

09 noviembre 2015


and guess what, and guess who... its not you. Lately around my world are happening sad moments. One bike accident, while someone was feeling free, flying, happy goin back home. Life broken, in just one second, and couldnt say goodbye, all the plans made, all the money saved, all the dreams gone, in one, in zero. People who think you are happy, you are more than good, you have all solved, you are so friendly and social, you have everything and you are in that amazing mood. But inside, there are all that bad feelings, its no me, was he, you write all those letters that the policeman found after your sister did... you didnt expect her, you didnt know you were goin to mess up all her life for the rest of her time. You were so selfish that you just wanted to fuck yourself, didnt think abaout the rest, no family? no friends? no love? Love is not only when you have your gf or bf, its always around from the day you were borned. Dad leaving his son because he thought it was the best, selfish, damn selfish, and son fucked of for all his time, I met him, and he is trying to fly everyday but he doesnt know how to do it without drugs. And you inside your brain all planned, you took all the stuff to make it good, to make it sweet, nothing to clean, a good sleep, a sweet dream and all is done, all finished, all that pain that you were feelin inside yourself without sharing, thats the worst. And you dont know who could be behind you, waiting for you to go back. Ive realized this days that happiest persons, best persons are the one who are good with themselves and they dont depend of none, tho they can share their lives with one love, but it doesnt make any difference, they are good and accepted, so I am now, you have decided to keep me apart, I wont say I dont think on you every day, I dont miss you, I dont want to talk you every second, but I need to respect you, Ive tried and more than that, Ive gone to see you, you looked at my eyes, and told me not to want anything with me, so for me it was more than enough to understand you have to be apart of me even when I need you a lot... But Ive learned long ago to be strong and even when feeling alone, dont give a shit, feelings are moments, they are coming and going all the time, I will be fine at some point. So that is.

06 noviembre 2015

boys, in general, they

I was the kind of girl tired of having fake boyfriends who always have hurted me and broken my life. I say I was because I mean now I am, after... one month ago? Anyway, there are too many differents kind of boys as differents kind of girls, of couse girls know what kind of girl is the other quickly, as boys know what kind of guy is other in a first look. In fact one day one of my best friends told me, that guy is a shit one! I didnt want to listen him so I became her gf, after more than one year of my life wasted and given to that person, voila! he fcked all my routine and my brain, cool and sad, friends are good, ppl who you just are meeting are not such good, be careful of yourself and dont trust in anybody. But, how can I know what kind of guy is the one who I like, the one who I fall in love, the one who blinded me? Its so complicated, but after 24 years of falling with the same shitty stone I have decided to open my eyes and judge them before anything could happen, no more blidness, no more unecesary pain. There is the guy that is a dick sometimes, but other times is so amazing and good, so is it only with you or is like that with everyone? And then you realize that he is a dick with his friends (boy gender) but so friendly and sweet with his friends (girl gender). I call it the lost and confused boy, too young to know what he is, where he is, where is going to and what he wants. For this kind of people you can wait and see what happen, wasting your time, or you can just keep going, keep him as a friend, and let him to figure out who the heck is he! Other kind of boy is the loneliness, this is a complicated guy, well mostly all of them are, he wants to keep you from time to time, maybe once per month. He is gonna be kinda of amazing and sweet with you that day, like if he was your boyfriend, yea, one day per month and always while other people dont know about it. And of course, be always ready for the day he finds his true love out of there!! You have two options again, enjoy once per month that day and dont think about it and how sad it seems to be tbh oooor let it go and dont fall in his arms the next time, if he talks dont answer, just run away! I dont know whats better, I mean, find other guy better!! Third one!! Funy guy, friendly, party boy who you met long ago and you had kind of something a couple of days and then you both took different paths but months later he asked you to travel together around but you moved on and you have a new job so you cant have fun as much as he does. So he finds other girl for that crazy summer, of course she falls in love for him and you can see it on she, but, what about he tho? Summer is gone, he goes back to the routine and his life just sucks, you talk to him, 'hey how was summer?' expecting him to tell you about this girl and say, -yea found the love of my life- yea I have girlfriend now so cant talk a lot with you-... and he just says, 'all this end has been good'. Yes all this END, and you are like... Im confused, sorry? I can see literally the girl loading and taging pics of both together, hearts around... Im missing something, maybe? Nvm. After talking with him he tells me 'he is lost and doesnt know even about getting a new job nowhere, nowhen'... Best thing for this, yea, 'clean your mind and let me know if you want something', I might not be free by then tho. Of course we all girls know the ex boyfriend, there are lots of kind of ex bfs, the one you dont talk anymore, the one you dont know about anymore, the one who is a dick because cheated on you and he didnt want to admit it (this one really sucks!) the one who you had accidents with after you broke up... this is a long list I guess. Defo ex bfs are not good, you can try to have them as friends, yea and his friends would be a really weird type of ''friends'' for you... and his new gf... she is gonna hate you for the rest of her life with huge reasons!!! Oh bitch you tried him before her and you decided he is not enough for you! So now yes, you are right, I couldnt find YET the right boy for me and Im swimming aloneeeee and without a cat YET again by my side. I dont mind tho, Im good, atm, give me one year more, I might finish kind of crazy. Now going to talk to myself, is that good? dont think so. None is gonna read it anyway, its on english, im spanish huh! Is been a looong write! Is love real? Probably yes, but we need to learn to understand what is love into the reality of the social life. Someone told me that sometimes Im sad because I have other expectatives that reality offers to me, he is right, he is one of this kind of guys tho, one to stay away for a while... So yes, expectatives make people sad and unhappy, expectatives arent friends of a smile in your face, simply dont expect a shit of none, thats the best advice! xoxo. They say that ppl who are smarter write bad because they think too fast that they cant stop to correct what they are writing, too many ideas bro. Thats me with this one.

13 septiembre 2015


Why are you the last person I want to dissapear from this world even when you are not in my life? I can expend weeks without knowing about you while I keep my mind inside of light stuff. These days, planning to see you in a bit more of one week, we are talking oftener than usual, so I am going back to where I was before, missing you and asking myself stupids questions, cheating around your new friends, old friends, old pics with old comments, girls and more girls around... You know me, I am always going to be that jealous girl who want to be sure of everything and ask you stupid questions because of my overthinker brain. But as I get closer to you, I can see how you go away, and then, in a couple of days, you give me some excuse like you were busy with some stuff, tho it is never a girl... What about the day you are gonna tell me you have found that girl?... And the wedding? omg, hope I am first, you broke already my heart when you stop talking me for a couple of months... I dont know where we are, well yes, as we talk, we are friends... lets see those day that are coming closer, and then again, going far, and at least other six months. And I have such stupid hope on you, I dont want to give up, I am trying, but I can see next summer trying to forget all my past, all those days that are going from february. I came back in a different person, probably because of you. I am kinda of better at home, but I feel so lonely... My friends cant understand me and every month I loose one of them, they give up, cant see, cant think, cant believe who I am, how I am... I cant move, so every month I keep inside my room more time, I expend time writing and drawing, and mostly thinking and listening to music. Am I still real? I thought to be a writer, designer... I have tidied up all my room, throwed away lot of shit. I had shit from 2008 dude. All gone now. It was mostly papper work, books of studies, notes, doddles... My sick brain... Even I have been asked myself if I need treatmen, Am I ill? idk. You know what I know... You know how I think... But I am guessing to myself, do I know you? or you were playing all the time this game to manage with me? Am I stupid to go there? I dont know what I am doing, what we are doing with this and your funny shower and your alright size room but no the biggest but you dont complaint at all... Anyway, nevermind, keep giving a shit of everything, it is good, you are good, and all alright.

07 septiembre 2015

Quizas nunca nadie

De eso que piensas, qué estoy haciendo con mi vida? Puedo ver como pasa dia tras dia y yo en esta habitacion metida con mis pensamientos, mis sonrisas perdidas, desechadas sin que nadie las mire, echando de menos al pasado y a sus fantasmas que me dieron esta soledad. Monto estrategias, cada vez mas variopintas para terminar con esto, y veo que solo me llevarian en un año a donde estoy ahora. Y me decido por tomarme las cosas con calma, ver hacia donde va el tiempo. Cada noche antes de acostarme me digo, sigo el dia de hoy o me voy ya a la cama y enciendo el cielo de estrellas con su luna? Y me decido por soñar, por volar y cerrar los ojos y dejarme ir. Decido que mañana sea otro dia, ese dia en el que le haga caso al despertador, sin apagarlo y que me deje alzar mis alas una hora y media mas como me ocurre a diario. Decido ser la chica responsable que un dia fue, sere aquella que no se levante de la silla, que no aparte la cabeza del libro, durante toda la mañana, que no le de por coger los colores y pintar, por hacer garabatos en todos los bordes de las hojas, por levantarse e ir a picar algo, por coger el mechero, encender todas esas velas de mi habitacion, y a la media hora exacta ir apagando una por una para oler y expandir ese olor por toda mi habitacion. No sere aquella que no pueda aguantar ni cinco minutos sin escuchar la musica, esa musica que me inspira y me hace saltar de la emocion, que me incita a buscar la letra y cantar y hacer el tonto, sabes? esa musica que me ayuda a no pensar en el pasado. No sere esa que te recuerda y de extraña, no sere esa que esta deseando volver a verte y que por un par de dias nos cojamos de la mano y seamos lo que un dia fuimos y lo que no volveremos a ser. Y dejarme creerme lo que no quieres que crea. Porque juegas con mi mente como juegas con cualquiera de ellas. Y yo, no quiero ser una mas. Quiero sentirme tan unica como unico tu eres. Y quiero que la gente se de cuenta de que ser yo, tal y como soy, no es algo malo y negativo como piensan, sino es una ventaja y una autosuperacion, y yo quiero que no me tengan envidia ni se aparten de mi lado por temor a no saber como manejar ciertas situaciones conmigo. Por eso, por todo, dejame sin dejarme y quedate conmigo, quedate a mi lado sin tener que estar todo el tiempo, pero ven a visitarme de vez en cuando, y si, cogeme de la mano aunque sea un par de dias y finjamos. Aunque quizas nunca nadie lo sepa, aunque quizas este sea el mejor secreto guardado de la historia. Pero vivamos juntos.

04 septiembre 2015

Wau! Almost lost!!

Lets go to make this three weeks more for going back in time. Im going to be behind the months, until february with you, our last time. Cant wait for meeting you again, after that day, me crying in the bus station, telling goodbye to you... almost couldnt let you go, I wanted to keep holding your hand until the end of the world. So from august my dreams r full of hopes, can imagine us huging in town, having so much fun, dancing, making fun of everything, three days full of crazyness... and your eyes and mine talking between them without us even realizing from time to time. Would love english to be my first language to express myself as well as I do with spanish... anyway, u knew everything already before I left that place... u told me, that girly friend, or no friend... we were everything anyway. Yesterday I saw a film, not gonna say the name, one romantic and pathetic film... one of the girls was a blogger, I mean, she works and earns money with that, I would like too! but Im not that good, neither have the enough time for doing it every day or every week. Whatever, she was doing something that was making her happy... but girls, we are crazy, all of us, our hormones are up and down all the time. Sometimes we are agree that we are doing the right thing, so happy inside us... but we have days, some days, quite few days, when we are not good, so we decide to change... the thing is, if that days are a lot and in a continuo mood, we make a big and huge change, something crazy and unexpected, probably leaving important stuff behind... so, how long are you gonna take to realize u need to go back in time? that decision wasnt the right one, u made it too fast. Might be some months or one year... and then sometimes, some of us, remind ourselves that we took that move and we cant give up on it because it was our own sense having this change... wait, what? so afer one year, of wrong stuff, you want to keep going with ur wrong mistake... I mean, yea, what? u might have lost one year, but dont loose anymore. u always can go back, and give u time to make another mistake, from mistake to mistake life goes quick, u dont realize, u keep learning and improving, growing, in ur wonderfull world. So, some weeks ago, I asked myself, wau... it seems one month ago when I wanted to die, when my life messed down and I was on the floor, lying, without moving... then some friends started to stand up myself and I was like DAMN! I am a strong and pretty girl, I can do it and more, and that guy, well u were the first one after all, and others guys, u know what? fck off all of them! bc Im tired of being romantic, of giving love and they just deceive me. I deserve a lot more of it, I am and we are amazing girls, we are awesome... They are loosers and we are winners of our own life. I love being who I am, love being where I am right now, and in the future I might be here or I might be in other planet, but still me with my thoughts and my dreams.

17 junio 2015

Dreamers.This kind of person.

Dreamers: This kind of person who appears in your life and you cant trust it is real, it is being such a dream. It was just one week I met you... and this week has been full of feelings going up and down... should I trust you? Who are you? How are we getting into it so quick? So Ive been all the time thinking it was a joke of someone or a guy trying to have pics from me... I put you under a continue prove and Ive questioned you all the time, giving you a list of things to do before this week became to an end. I was worried when you were telling me you where going out too much one day, I think I was comparing you with my last boyfriend, the one who more has hurted me in my life... Sometimes you give too much to a person thinking that is the person for all your life, you trust in that person and don't think anything can be wrong. You think that person will be there for you always you need even if this means being bad for a whole month... But people get tired and wasted, and none, not even your family, can support more than his own body. So, Jeroen, be yourself, believe in you, keep your dreams, go as far as you can, and support yourself because none is gonna do it for you. Ive found a light on you and still can't explain it... Im telling about you to all my friends because I know it is crazy. My friends know me and saw me falling in love of one guy... Today my friend asked me to be careful with you because I seemed to be feeling too much about a guy I just met from a week. We live far and Im sorry about that... Im counting the days to see you and stay with you and sleep with you and I just hope we both can be happy. We are dreamers and I guess because of that we have had problems in our lifes... Dreams are not bad, but we need to take care. I know you dont want to hurt me, I am sure, but sometimes you hurt someone without knowing it and I am a quite sensitive girl (I think you have seen it already). Today was a big day for me... maybe u won't understand... but I was waiting for a guy like you all my life. This is why we are going so fast and you are getting so deep on me and I am planning from now until three months more with you without even seeing you... we are a bit crazy, I love it. Im a bit sad now, but at the same time I am happy you told me something else about you... I love knowing you and meeting you and sharing with you. I love your smile, I can see you hide so much happiness inside that I want you to stay with me so I will see you growing up as an awesome person. I just hope WE are possible and this is not just a dream... Want to stay with you everynight and take care of you and I hope you are gonna trust me when I say you need to eat better (have breakfast) and start smoking less (start later the first). So thank you for this week already done, and hope we keep making weeks, months, years, and a life. I want to stay there for you, always, even if I am just a friend, I dont mind, I think you deserve it and more! Hope you have a beautiful sleep and get better for tomorrow... Im gonna trust you and please dont lie to me never ever. Thanks for appearing in my life. I already do.